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What Do You Know About Your Ancestors?

Have you thought about your family history lately? Maybe you did the last time you recited a story that was passed down through the generations, or mentioned a quick fact at a cocktail party about your family heritage. But how do you know if what you heard is true?

You may either have some idea of your history from research done by a relative, or have done some of the research yourself. So it is likely that you just have a few specific questions you need answered. It’s also possible that you desire a more in-depth look at one of your family lines.


Reasons you may consider professional research

  • You shouldn’t have to spend your life wondering where you came from
  • Don’t be embarrassed because your family stories don’t hold up to the truth
  • You should never have to feel lost for something to say about your heritage
  • You feel stumped by a dead end in your own efforts
  • Providing a family history to someone else is a personal & thoughtful gift


What can you expect from a professionally documented report?

To have confidence in the accuracy of the information provided, you will want your research to hold up to the genealogy proof standard, which is a set of guidelines put forth by the industry to ensure that research performed retains credability. It is possible that the amount of time allotted for your project does not provide for each and every step. It is important ot consider analyzing what is found, resolving conflicting information, and writing a sound conclusion. Regardless of the time allotted, all sources will be cited and you will be provided with a log of how and where the research was performed in the case you wish to take it further on your own or somewhere else if the results lead to a demographic better suited for another professional (different language, etc).






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